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"No area is too big to cover!"

Covering Bristol, Bath & the South West of England, provide a professional plastering service with a polymer plaster to leave your walls with a superb white finish everytime, whilst being applied much faster than regular plaster...

All plaster comes pre-mixed and doesn't need any mist coating for final decoration. We have been plastering for over thirty years and were one of the first companies to get involved with airless spray much so we have been testing new products for the leading manufacturer for over 3 years. This is the future of plastering and we are proud to be part of it. Don't let the final internal finish of your project be left in the past...

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Spray Time!

Plasterer Rob Rowland is on his way to the British Superbikes courtesy of Profesional Builder and Vauxhall...

If you feel the need for speed then spray plaster’s where it’s at, because there can be few on site solutions that will get you to the finish line at a quicker pace. “On a job like this one it’s invaluable,” declares Rob Rowland as the 58-year-old spreader and proprietor of Weston Super Mare based Airless Spray Plaster, proudly demonstrates his Graco Mark V Pro Contractor Series. “Just two plasterers can cover 600 sq metres in just a week but it’s also a lot easier on the body.” 

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